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By Legend is a digital marketing agency that drives growth for exceptional companies.

About the Founder - Cesar Pereira

Quick Story About Great Partners

That’s me on the right at the USTA 2011 National Championships in Tucson, Arizona.  We had a great team that year and everyone contributed on an amazing run to Nationals.  I won every match I played that season – in singles and doubles.  The vast majority of my wins were in doubles.  

My doubles teammate and I were literally unbeatable.  We complemented each other perfectly.  We knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and exploited those to generate a winning outcome every time.  Skills + strategy + execution + continuous improvement.  We adapted our strategy based on our opponents and we just kept winning.  We trusted each other unconditionally because we had consistent proven results.  We communicated flawlessly and knew what our partner would do next, sometimes without even saying it.

We beat more seasoned veterans that thought younger guys couldn’t beat them.  We beat guys in their early 20s that thought older guys couldn’t hang with them.  Each time we helped our team progress to the next tournament we met tougher competition.  Districts, then Illinois, then the Midwest Regional tournament.  There were countless tough matches and huge points that decided matches.  That experience made us stronger the next match and the confidence just grew.  It was an amazing feeling.

Since even before that year I’ve been doing the same thing in the eCommerce world.  Since 2008 I’ve been building amazing eCommerce teams that outperform competitors through great strategy, skills, execution and continuous improvement.  I’ve helped companies grow their eCommerce sales, marketing and technology to get acquired.

I’ve helped companies win by growing their eCommerce sales and capabilities to over $5B in the last 12 years and worked with some of the biggest brands and customers in the world.  I used the same principles: teamwork, communication, world-class skills and strategy.

I’m now fulfilling a dream to bring that same success to small and medium-sized eCommerce brands.  We will help you scale your eCommerce brand to 7 and 8 figures and we’ll do it affordably by using the most successful tactics and strategies we used for billion dollar enterprises.

By Legend is based out of the suburbs of Chicago, IL with remote staff across the United States.  We hope to get back to the office soon amid everything that is going on in the world.  Everyone please be safe.